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On the shores of  Garda Lake is born a structure able to combine the advantages of thermal waters with all the amenities of a modern wellness and beauty center.


In one structure, many opportunities to get closer to the true well-being, under the guidance of experts, who will help you to know and respect the balance of your body.

Garda Thermae: let us guide you!


A reinterpretation in modern, elegant and refined key of the classical saunas. The whole area has been designed with shapes, materials and furniture to facilitate the cleaning of the environment and avoiding stagnation of water; materials were selected to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

Every detail, space management, the use of lights, colors and woods are designed with care to ensure maximum relaxation. In Garda Thermae you can choose the type of sauna and wellness program more appropriate to you.

Doing correctly the sauna is good for health and it's enough just following the simple rules that we invite you to read in the "Vademecum."



In every season Garda Thermae, near Riva del Garda, it offers the possibility of a hot water bath to about 32 ° C, with a steel indoor and outdoor swimming pool,  and two other pools: Salina (open during the summer), Infant indoor pool, and Relaxation tub (in the sauna).

The materials are innovative and the environments they want to ensure maximum hygiene to swimmers and a safety standard above the norm. Physical activities for all ages, fun, relaxing, and motor recovery are the many offers of new wellness center with its water and its pools.



Restoring the ideal communication between your inner and your outer being, so you can resume the natural condition of Harmonia which underlies the principle of Health.


Spa Day




Enveloped by the essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lemon, you will donate a new life, softness and brightness to your skin, thanks to the synergy of the refined Mei SPA Exclusive products. The ritual begins with Dolce Vita scrub and its micro calibrated sugar crystals, followed by the elastifying massage with the rich Balance oil made with citrus fruits and the application of the silky and illuminating Sweet Orange cream. Dolce Vita for unforgettable wellbeing moments.
50 min 75 €


A revitalizing recharge donated by the detoxifying power of the Sicilian sea salt, enhanced by the essential oils of wild Peppermint from Piedmont and Pennyroyal, all in synergy with the vegetable extracts of Green Tea and Ginseng root. This is the "green line" that combines Sotto Sale Mei SPA Exclusive ritual and its general relaxing and anti-stress action with the tonifying and firming effect on your skin. Ideal also for men.
50 min 75 €


Detoxinating and elasticizing Treatment with green clay and horsetail.
Skin is an organ and should be treated accordingly. Toxic substances that poison it (air pollution, toxic textiles, perfumes, synthetic cosmetics, medicines, food toxins, aging) attack it daily. Skin detoxification is a ritual to renew it and to feel good with ourselves. In this Mei treatment, it is realized with the Tonifying Emulsion, the scrub made with Green Clay, followed by the Body Fluid action, enhanced with Relax oil.
50 min € 65

START UP anti-cellulite draining Treatment

The START UP herbal cataplasm is the protagonist of this effective lymphodraining anti-cellulite treatment, which also stimulates the microcirculation. The action is given by the properties of the eight essential oils activated by Turmeric and Ginger in Apple vinegar. The application of the cataplasm is preceded by the detoxifying massage with the Green Clay scrub and followed by a specific draining massage with Relax oil and the final application of Juniper Gel. To get rid of fat reserves, cellulite and water retention, it is recommended to carry out a cycle of 6 up to 12 treatment sessions over 3 months.
50 min 65 €, 80 min 105 €


The lymph flows within our body as through the branches of a tree. The tree of life is the ritual that stimulates the energy meridians with the Podostrigiles®, making the energy flow find its original strength. The precise manual skills are enhanced by the action of hot mud made of Italian Green Clay, three types of Algae and eight essential oils from wild plants. The ritual begins with aromatherapy and ends while sipping 10 Herbs Mei SPA herbal tea.

50 min € 75


The massage that every woman desires, enhanced by the Podostrigiles®, to feel more beautiful, more toned and without cellulite. Treat yourself to an incisive and beneficial ritual that uses the active ingredients of Orange, Fennel, Arnica and Juniper, elasticizing tissues, counteracting fat accumulation and removing water retention. Mei innovation designed exclusively for women: for a healthy and natural beauty. The ritual ends while sipping 9 Herbs Mei SPA herbal tea.

60 min € 85


The PMP- Phytomassopodia® Method: Wellbeing starts with the feet.
Born from the scientific research of Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, it is the first patented method for the wellbeing that starts from the feet. Available in three different rituals, it provides excellent results from the very first session and a long-lasting wellbeing. The PMP is the sum of the best existing treatments for your feet, enhanced by specific products realized by Mei and the innovative massage tool: the Podostrigiles® that recalls the features of the ancient tool used by masseurs in the Roman baths.

PMP-Phytomassopodia® is the first patented method that, from the feet, generates a wave of wellbeing that spreads to the whole person. Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, detoxifying and rejuvenating: PMP is the feather in the cap of Mei entire research and encloses five scientific disciplines: motor sciences, physiotherapy, podiatry, termalism and phytology. As handed down by the ancient Romans, this ritual brings together the use of water, hot or cold phyto-muds, gymnastics and essential oils, enhanced by the massage with the Podostrigiles®. Let yourself be accompanied in this new dimension of well-being... starting with the right foot!
50 min 75 €        

For sportsmen or to give relief to tired and swollen feet, here is the ideal scientific protocol with a toning and energizing action, to reactivate the venous return, oxygenate tissues and restart with the right sprint! The aromatherapy with Mei Italian Peppermint and the massage with the Podostrigiles® concentrate the result of the ritual in less time.
30 min 45 €

Starting with the feet is the right approach to find the psycho-physical wellbeing. PMP Welcome ritual is specifically designed to achieve a beneficial anti-stress and revitalizing effect in just 15 minutes, thanks to the refreshing effect of the essential oil of Peppermint from Piedmont and the maneuvers with Podostrigiles®.
15 min 33 €


Gentle exfoliation, steam and extractions, mask and a specific cosmetic will be applied with a beauty device to stimulate cell renewal for a supple, refreshed and radiant appearance. Also included is a relaxing shoulder and neck massage.
65 min 80 €

Specific treatment to suit your skin needs. Also included is a relaxing shoulder and neck massage.
50 min 75 €

The Tamanu is the fruit of Polynesia that brides use to stay young and beautiful forever. Thanks to its precious properties, the treatment is recommended for dry, dehydrated skin and affected by the early signs of time.
30' 50 €

Let yourself be wrapped and inebriated by the magic of the famous queen of flowers, the Persian Rose: a dream for the facial skin and the sweet feeling of diffused relaxation. The entire RoseMei line and Shiraz Tea release its unique aroma, made with Persian rose petals, for a nutritious und refined cuddle: a real jewel!
30 min 50 €, 50 min 85 € 

The ANTI AGE ritual has been specifically designed to restore tone, brightness and firmness of face and hands’ skin from the very first session, thanks to the power of the precious essential oil of Tamanu from Polynesia. The ritual begins with aromatherapy, it involves the use of eight natural Mei products with an anti-free radical and anti-wrinkle action and it ends while sipping the delicious Delizia di Fragola Mei SPA infusion.
50 min € 80  



Swimming pools

Saturday, Sunday
& Holiday**

Adult 1,5 hour ticket 6,70 € 8,20 €
Adulto 3 hours ticket 12,40 € 13,90 €
Adult Daily ticket 16,70 € 18,40 €
Children 4-10 1,5-hour ticket 4,80 € 6,00 €
Children 4-10 3-hours ticket 7,80 € 9,00 €
Children 4-10 Daily ticket 10,80 € 12,00 €

Children 0-4 years
- 3,00 €

Children and teenagers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Flip-flops are compulsory
  +30 min Adult
+ 30 min Child
(4-10 years)
Extra charge on 1,5-hour pool ticket
1,90 € 1,00 €
Extra charge on 3-hours pool ticket 1,50 € 1,00 €

** From 23/12/19 to 06/01/2020 - From 9/04/2020 to 13/04/2020

Wellness (Sauna)
The use of the pool is included

Saturday, Sunday
& Holiday**
1,5-hour ticket 13.50 €
14,50 * €
3-hours ticket 22.50 €
23,50 * €
Daily ticket 26.50 €
28,50 * €


No swimming suit allowed in wellness area; flip-flops and towels are compulsory

Extra charges for every 30 minutes up to the price of the daily ticket
+30 min.
Supplemento sauna biglietto 1,5 ora / Extra charge on 1,5-hour sauna ticket   3,00 €
Supplemento sauna biglietto 3 ore / Extra charge on 3-hours sauna ticket
  1,50 €
* Extra charge can exceed the daily ticket price 
** From 23/12/19 to 06/01/2020 - From 9/04/2020 to 13/04/2020

Extra services

Towel hire   3,50 €
Bathrobe hire   6,00 €
Purchase of flip-flops
Wellness Bag (towel, bathrobe, flip-flop)
Courtesy set (shower gel, shampoo, body lotion)
  6,00 €
12,00 €
4,00 €

Abbonamenti Piscina /
Swimming pool passes

Solo feriale / Only weekdays: 10+2
Tutti i giorni / Everyday: 10+1
Solo feriale / Only weekdays: 20+6
Tutti i giorni / Everyday: 20+3
Adulto 1,5 ora / 1,5-hour ticket 67,00 € 134,00 €
Adulto 3 ore / 3-hours ticket 124,00 € 248,00 €
Adulto Giornaliero / Daily ticket 167,00 € 334,00 €
Bambino 4-10 anni 1,5 ora / Children 4-10 1,5-hour ticket 48,00 € 96,00 €
Bambino 4-10 anni 3 ore / Children 4-10 3-hours ticket 78,00 € 156,00 €
Bambino 4-10 anni Giornaliero / Children 4-10 Daily ticket 108,00 € 216,00 €
Cauzione obbligatoria braccialetto elettronico / Compulsory deposit for the electronic bracelet 10,00 € 10,00 €
Validità / validity 6 mesi / 6 Months 1 anno / 1 Year

Abbonamenti Sauna+Piscina /
Sauna & Swimming poolpasses

Solo feriale / Only weekdays: 10+2
Tutti i giorni / Everyday: 10+1
Solo feriale / Only weekdays: 20+6
Tutti i giorni / Everyday: 20+3
1,5 ora adulto / 1,5-hour adult ticket 135,00 € 260,00 €
3 ore adulto / 3-hours adult ticket 215,00 € 440,00 €
Giornaliero adulto / Daily adult ticket 265,00 € 520,00 €
Cauzione obbligatoria braccialetto elettronico / Compulsory deposit for the electronic bracelet 10,00 € 10,00 €
Validità / validity 6 mesi / 6 Months 1 anno / 1 Year

Riduzioni e convenzioni / Special fees

10% su ingressi per residenti della Comunità Alto Garda e Ledro solo con presentazione di un documento valido
10% discount on entrance fees for residents of “Comunità Alto Garda e Ledro” by proof of valid ID

Note / Please note

Penale perdita braccialetto elettronico / Charge for the loss of the electronic bracelet   70,00 €


Opening hours

OPENING HOURS 30/09 TO 24/05/20



Monday and Thursday 14.00-18.30
Friday 14.00-20.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-20.00


From Monday to Friday 15.30-21.00
Saturday and Sunday 11.00 -20.00
Aufguss Plan

Opening hours on Tuesday 25th of February
We advice to check the News section on the website during bank holidays

It is not possible to buy or book the ticket entrance in advance. We reserve the right to limit the sale of daily ticket based on people attendance during week-end and holidays.



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