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In every season Garda Thermae, near Riva del Garda, it offers the possibility of a hot water bath to about 32 ° C, with a swimming pool, a steel, the inside and the outside, and three pools: Salina (open during the summer), Kids, and Relax (in the sauna).

The materials are innovative and the environments they want to ensure maximum hygiene to swimmers and a safety standard above the norm. Physical activities for all ages, fun, relaxing, and motor recovery are the many offers of new wellness center with its water and its pools.


Steel Pool

The real heart of the center of our swimming pool is the steel post at ground level. Built entirely of steel, with advanced systems and to the highest European standards, ensures the highest possible hygiene and a unique visual effect, due to the refraction of light on the water surface with the background of the steel. A sliding door allows you to go outside while remaining in the water on the outside; you can experience the stimulating effect of the sun loungers and whirlpool jets for neck massages.

In colder seasons you will experience the thrilling sensation of a warm bath in the fumes. A warm and relaxing solarium houses a good number of loungers: the environment connects heaven, nature and the mountain in one big plan, that will hit your eyes.

Everything is coordinated to offer relaxation and hospitality in a quality environment.

Salt Pool

The pool is outside and is composed of a saline bath located on the terrace, with its fountains and whirlpool, allowing you to enjoy a bath "marine" with an amazing view.
Around the pool there are comfortable beds to allow our guests to bask in the sun of Lake Garda.
The saline bath with its fountains and Jacuzzi overlooking the Arc and the entire valley with enchanting views of the natural beauty of Trentino.

This pool is closed during the winter.

Infants Pool

Garda Thermae has not forgotten the little ones, providing the ground floor of a tank to measure where you can start getting comfortable with the water, playing with mom and dad.

Relaxing Bath

There is no place more relaxing than tha Relaxing pool in our sauna area. Bubbling water create a sparkling champagne effect and gently caresses the body. Game of lights and colors relax and soothe.
The ideal end to a day of relaxation.


In addition to the security service lifeguards required by law, Garda Thermae adopts the solution to prevent drowning with Angel Eye Life Guard. This technological system, adopted by very few private institutions, will assist the lifeguard in the supervision of the activities in the tank to prevent drowning, especially in areas where the human eye struggles to come, as the tank bottom.

The underwater cameras services, monitor the movements of swimmers, sending an alarm to the lifeguard in case of danger, such as lack of movement during the drowning.


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