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Hospitality is the heart of our method.

Find your favourite relax moment from Body, Facial and Feet Treatment.


A peeling treatment with a deep detoxifying action on the face and body followed by a beneficial massage with plant-based cream and essential oils.
70 min €90

"DOLCE VITA" Treatment

A beauty ritual that provides moments of unforgettable well-being and leaves the skin moisturised and scented with an unmistakable citrus note.
The treatment includes a body Scrub with cane sugar and sweet Sicilian orange essential oils, and a short massage with oil and cream scented with citrus essential oils.
50 min €80

"SOTTO SALE" Treatment
A beauty ritual that provides a revitalising boost and a beneficial anti-stress effect.
The treatment consists of a body Scrub with sea salt, Peppermint and Wild Spearmint essential oils, which revitalises and detoxifies the skin; this is followed by a short massage with mint oil and gel that will give the skin a renewed feeling of freshness and tone.
Suitable also for men.

50 min €80

"BOTANICAL" Detoxifing Treatment
A special Mei treatment to eliminate the toxins that settle daily on the skin.
A Regenerating Peeling treatment is performed with Italian green clay to absorb toxins, then this is followed by the application of oil and cream with a high moisturising and elasticising power.
Ideal at any time of year to renew and detoxify the skin and feel instantly toned and regenerated.
50 min €70

"START UP" anti-cellulite and draining Treatment
An effective draining, anti-cellulite and circulation-stimulating treatment.
The START UP herbal poultice with eight essential oils, activated by turmeric and ginger in organic apple cider vinegar, has an amazing effect.
A real treat for the legs, which can be extended to the whole body.
Total Body 80 min €115
Partial Legs&Abdomen 50 min €70

"PERSIAN ROSE" Treatment
A precious ritual, a caress that envelops the skin thanks to the harmonious massage techniques performed with wild Persian rose essential oil.
The result is rejuvenated skin, and a unique sensual immersion celebrated by the aromatic showering of floral water from wild Persian rose buds.
50 min. €80
100 min. €145

"DEEP MUD" - Decontructing Treament
This treatment combines the warmth of mud with Green Clay, seaweed and essential oils with the Podostrigiles® manual techniques to relax and reactivate the back, neck and arm muscles. It is completed by the application of Relaxing Oil, its powerful relaxing and draining effect helping you to leave stress and tiredness behind.
30 min. €50
50 min. €80

"BODY BLACK" Treatment

From Swiss laboratories, a treatment for slimming, reshaping and detoxifying the body, with unprecedented effectiveness.
50 min. €70

The lymph flows within our body as through the branches of a tree. The tree of life is the ritual that stimulates the energy meridians with the Podostrigiles®, making the energy flow find its original strength. The precise manual skills are enhanced by the action of hot mud made of Italian Green Clay, three types of Algae and eight essential oils from wild plants. The ritual begins with aromatherapy and ends while sipping 10 Herbs Mei SPA herbal tea.
50 min €93

The massage that every woman desires, enhanced by the Podostrigiles®, to feel more beautiful, more toned and without cellulite. Treat yourself to an incisive and beneficial ritual that uses the active ingredients of Orange, Fennel, Arnica and Juniper, elasticizing tissues, counteracting fat accumulation and removing water retention. Mei innovation designed exclusively for women: for a healthy and natural beauty. The ritual ends while sipping 9 Herbs Mei SPA herbal tea.
60 min €93


It exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and impurities from the surface, and leaving the skin renewed and more receptive.
The impurities are gently removed using a warm wet cloth, without attacking the skin.
60 min 75 €

Specific treatment to suit your skin needs.
50 min 80 €

SHINING EYES- Antiaging eyes contour
A special MEI treatment for elasticising and counteracting fine lines in the eye area,
draining puffiness and brightening dark circles. A treatment that visibly reduces
the signs of ageing and brightens the gaze.
Recommended in the case of dark circles or bags under the eyes.
30 min. €55

PERFECT RADIANCE - Radiofrequency 
The effectiveness of Mei products combined with radiofrequency.
This treatment is for those who are short of time but don’t want to miss out on an immediate 'Wow' effect.
30 min. €55

Let yourself be wrapped and inebriated by the magic of the famous queen of flowers, the Persian Rose: a dream for the facial skin and the sweet feeling of diffused relaxation. The entire RoseMei line and Shiraz Tea release its unique aroma, made with Persian rose petals, for a nutritious und refined cuddle: a real jewel!
30 min 55 €
50 min 85 € 


For long-lasting results, we recommend 10 combined START UP and BODY BLACK treatments, depending on the person's needs.

€625 instead of €700


PMP-Phytomassopodia® is the first patented method that, from the feet, generates a wave of wellbeing that spreads to the whole person. Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, detoxifying and rejuvenating: PMP is the feather in the cap of Mei entire research and encloses five scientific disciplines: motor sciences, physiotherapy, podiatry, termalism and phytology. As handed down by the ancient Romans, this ritual brings together the use of water, hot or cold phyto-muds, gymnastics and essential oils, enhanced by the massage with the Podostrigiles®. Let yourself be accompanied in this new dimension of well-being... starting with the right foot!
50 min 80€        

For sportsmen or to give relief to tired and swollen feet, here is the ideal scientific protocol with a toning and energizing action, to reactivate the venous return, oxygenate tissues and restart with the right sprint! The aromatherapy with Mei Italian Peppermint and the massage with the Podostrigiles® concentrate the result of the ritual in less time.
30 min 50€

Starting with the feet is the right approach to find the psycho-physical wellbeing. PMP Welcome ritual is specifically designed to achieve a beneficial anti-stress and revitalizing effect in just 15 minutes, thanks to the refreshing effect of the essential oil of Peppermint from Piedmont and the maneuvers with Podostrigiles®.
15 min 36€

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