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Finnish Sauna

The noble and fragrant wood trim, large seats, the lights that penetrate the structure from below, illuminating the walls with spatial drawings, transform the ritual of the sauna in a unique experience.

The ritual dell'aufguss, or "jets of steam," is for the fans the most magical moment: ice balls embellished with delicate essences, carefully chosen by the operator to arouse certain emotions, are payable on the hot stones of the stove, to generate steam, which is thrown, by the master of spreading, into a dance of skilled shots towel.

Steam bath

Forget every Eastern call and try the exciting experience of a turkish bath of new generation. Immerse yourself in a completely white room, color saturated with steam to be transported to another dimension, suspended in the air between hot and fluffy clouds. The visual stimulation intensifies the feeling of well-being, prolonging the heat endurance. A fascinating andrelaxing place beyond all imagination.

Soft sauna

Here the temperature is milder and more moisture than the Finnish Sauna, so that to make this sauna  delicate and appreciated by everyone. The addition of natural oils intensifies the feeling of general well-being.


 Glass walls illuminated by light and color radiate the heat to a temperature ranging from 40 ° to 50 ° C, making it a particularly relaxing bath and warming the body gradually. The humidity helps the cleansing of the skin. A special blend of natural herbal essence is sprayed into the environment, enveloping the body with a sweet aroma.


The red and blue lights invite you to immerse your feet in small tanks with alternating hot and cold water. The temperature of the body sprays and massage on the legs exert a passive vascular exercise, expanding and forcing the blood vessels to stimulate the venous and lymphatic return and giving a lasting sensation of lightness.

A simple exercise to oxygenate tissues in a pleasant way.

Relaxation bath

There is no place more relaxing than a Relaxiation pool in our sauna area. Bubbling water create a sparkling champagne effect and gently caresses the body. Game of lights and colors relax and soothe.
The ideal end to a day of relaxation.


After heating the body in hot environments, such as sauna and turkish bath, you should freshen up, to bring the body temperature to normal levels and obtain an immediate firming effect on the skin.

We offer:

  - a cold rain to the scent of lemon, illuminated by a beam of green light;

  - a Cold Fog flavoured with mint, to regenerate completely, enveloped by an intense blue light;

  - an icefall to rub the body;

  - to make you be swept away by a bucket of cold water with the shower stream;

  - indicated to the most courageous, to immerse themselves in Killer Pool, a tub of cold water.


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