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Restoring the ideal communication between your inner and your outer being, so you can resume the natural condition of Harmonia which underlies the principle of Health.



A Japanese term from the root words shi (fingers) and atsu (pressure) .
Shiatsu is an old discipline (300 B.C.) which applies traditional Chinese medicine based on energetic and natural principles to achieve the perfect balance between Body, Mind and Soul.
In Japan the Shiatsu is a codified science and recognized by the health authority.
Touching, massaging and pressing any manual action on a painful part of the body is a natural and human instinct; therefore the Shiatsu discipline proposes this type of primordial, instinctive and immediate contact.
Traditional massages are treatments focused on superficial parts of the body, Shiatsu, on the other hand, is a particular and deep treatment which acts both on physical and emotional sphere.
The Shiatsu treatments are performed on the floor on a thick natural fibre mat, the recipient wears loose comfortable clothing, no oil or cream is needed, it does not involve rubbing. It is suitable for most adults of any age or physical condition. There are no contraindications.
Even if Shiatsu involves physical, emotional and energetic aspects, it must not be confused with medical, psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and psychological therapies, the technique aims to achieve the completely well-being of a person, it is not a cure for any  illness or related symptoms.

SHIATSU 80 min 100 €
SHIATSU 50 min 70   €


It is an extraordinary and innovative method that integrates traditional shiatsu massage, osteopathy and powerful vibrational and energetic techniques.
This treatment considers all aspects of the human being: skeletal structure, posture, energy systems, emotions, mind and soul.
It is a treatment suitable for people who need to solve physical discomforts, such as muscular and joint problems, regain life force or reduce stress related to anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias and so on.

30 min 45 €
50 min 80 €
80 min 100 €


Ki-Do® technique:
Extract of an interview with Agostino Ronzullo, Ki-Do technique creator:
"This treatment was born from the constant practice of naturopathic treatments and passion for the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have been dedicating lot of time to perfect the Western and Eastern massage techniques observing how Vital Energy and the Qi affect the physical and mental states of the recipients.
This continuous research has allowed me to create the Ki-Do Massage that literally means the Flow of Energy: it is a particular technique that harmoniously blends manual skill, philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine."

Immediate effects:
It simultaneously works on both physical and energetic aspects, creating a state of deep relaxation, a feeling of lightness and a calm of thoughts.

Lymphatic drainage of excess fluid, digestion improvement, muscles relaxation, nervous and parasympathetic stimulation, anti stress, energetic.

30 min 45 €
50 min 70 €
80 min 100 €

Ki-Do® Aromatic

The evolution of Ki-Do massage is the Ki-Do Aromatic Massage: Brushing is performed across the body through a natural bristle brush to reactivate microcirculation and facilitate the elimination of toxins from the blood. Both the lymphatic and immune systems benefit from this body treatment.
The treatment goes on with a massage with the most suitable essential oil at the present time.

60 min 80 €

Hawaiian Massages

The traditional hawaiian massage using rhythmic and flowing forearm and hands strokes works on the physical and spiritual body, relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and promoting overall well-being.

50 min 70 €
80 min 100 €

LOMI LOMI HAPAI - Dedicated to pregnant women
A special massage , in side-lying and supine position , for pregnant women that look for a relaxing time and to ease pregnancy related physical changes  such as fatigue, swelling,  muscle and joint problems. Ideal also for body alignment after giving birth. This type of massage also works well for any client that doesn’t feel comfortable in a prone position.

50 min 70 €
80 min 100 €

Heated hawaiian lava stones are integrated into traditional hawaiian massage which infuses heat and energy to detox the body.

80 min 110 €

Ancient hawaiian art from administered with therapist knees and feet to deeply restore body alignment.

75 min 95 €


This treatment helps to restore fluids fluidity, lymph and blood circulation throughout the body through the stimulation and reactivation of channels and energy flows with gentle or deep tailored maneuvers. Essential oils are used.

50 min 70 €


This treatment is characterized by long, soft and enveloping movements.
It Is one of the most relaxing and calming massage. Essential oils are used.

80 min 100 €


Very relaxing, rejuvenating, repairing and improves blood flow.

50 min 70 €
80 min 100 €


Thai Massage is called "nuad phaen borarn" in Thai language literally means to heal.
During the treatment, the masseur uses hands, inches, palms, elbows, forearms, feet, heels, knees and manipulates, elongates, stretches, twists.
The treatments are performed on the floor on a thick natural fibre mat, the recipient wears loose comfortable clothing, no oil or cream is needed.

50 min 70 €
80 min 100 €

Vietnamise Facial Reflexology

Facial acupressure massage.
Treatments are tailored to the individual, and can either be used for general well-being and relaxation, or for addressing health imbalances.
Dien Chan works on many layers- it has a soothing and balancing effect on the nervous system, it helps harmonize the hormonal system, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity and detox, and also can affect and release mentalemotional patterns.

30 min € 45
50 min € 70

Sound-Massage with Monochord

In ancient Greece music has always been a source of well-being, the monochord, an instrument created by Pythagoras, combined with the massage creates harmonic vibrations that regenerate body and spirit.

50 min € 80
80 min € 100

Foot Reflexology

General physical-energetic rebalancing technique which, through the stimulation of specific points in the foot, acts on the whole organism, bringing an overall rebalancing stimulation through the reflex arc or through the autonomic nervous system that reaches the brain which then in turn sends the information to the corresponding organ bringing balance.

The masseuse will work with her hands on the feet and ankles with the essential oil MEI (to be chosen from 5 precious oils selected for the well-being of your feet) conveyed by the BALM FEET MEI or by the OIL of Macadamia according to your needs. Technique suitable for everyone:newborns to the elderly, at every stage of life.

50' € 70


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