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Gymnastics Pancafit ®. Individual, length 45 '.

Individual methods of stretching of plywood, which relaxes muscle chains, retracted fascial and connective tissue to free the joints locked. Osteo-muscular pain and get great benefits weakens and finally disappear. The operator will also work on the release of the diaphragm through special breathing techniques, bringing many benefits.

Postural Gymnastics team. Recommended for those who wish to correct and improve their spoiled attitudes muscular balance before the emergence of osteo-muscular diseases. Ideal as prevention activities for all ages, especially for athletes, or of maintenance after a series of back exercises with individual Pancafit ®.

Water-Postural Gymnastics, individual or group. Based on the same principles of gymnastics on the ground, but with the advantage of the execution of the exercises in hot water, which reduces the force of gravity.


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