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Touching, massaging and pressing any manual action on a painful part of the body is a natural and human instinct; therefore the Shiatsu discipline proposes this type of primordial, instinctive and immediate contact.
Traditional massages are treatments focused on superficial parts of the body, Shiatsu, on the other hand, is a particular and deep treatment which acts both on physical and emotional sphere.
The Shiatsu treatments are performed on the floor on a thick natural fibre mat, the recipient wears loose comfortable clothing, no oil or cream is needed, it does not involve rubbing. It is suitable for most adults of any age or physical condition. There are no contraindications.
Even if Shiatsu involves physical, emotional and energetic aspects, it must not be confused with medical, psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and psychological therapies, the technique aims to achieve the completely well-being of a person.

80 min €110
50 min €75


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