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Ki-Do® technique:
Extract of an interview with Agostino Ronzullo, Ki-Do technique creator:
"This treatment was born from the constant practice of naturopathic treatments and passion for the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have been dedicating lot of time to perfect the Western and Eastern massage techniques observing how Vital Energy and the Qi affect the physical and mental states of the recipients.
This continuous research has allowed me to create the Ki-Do Massage that literally means the Flow of Energy: it is a particular technique that harmoniously blends manual skill, philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine."

Immediate effects:
It simultaneously works on both physical and energetic aspects, creating a state of deep relaxation, a feeling of lightness and a calm of thoughts.

Lymphatic drainage of excess fluid, digestion improvement, muscles relaxation, nervous and parasympathetic stimulation, anti stress, energetic.

30 min 45 €
50 min 70 €
80 min 100 €


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