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In the Water

Our next-generation steel tank provides maximum hygiene and, in particular, reflects the sunlight creating a play of light, which, combined with the hot water temperature, makes, even more enjoyable, physical activity.

Mama Water. Groups of 8 / 10 persons, lenght 45 '.

Dedicated to mothers, this course will accompany them throughout the pregnancy to be aware of changes in their bodies and learn to appreciate them, working on specific muscle groups, preventing and relieving the pain associated with a new posture. Helping you  to learn and to accept this moment in its uniqueness, listening to their body size and facilitating the communicative relationship between mother and child. The meeting with women of different gestational ages will allow the comparison and sharing new experiences.

Wellness Water. Groups of 12 persons, lenght 45 '.

The gentle and slow movements dissolve the muscles, thus promoting joint mobility. This activity, carried out in warm water, allows the muscle tone in subjects with difficulty even loading

Gym Water. Groups of 12 persons, lenght 45 '.

Finding the tone in few lessons with movement with music, it is the proposal of water gym. The flotation, the massaging action of water pressure and physical activity make a constant action of  lymphatic drainage, causing a pleasant feeling of lightness.

Please ask at the reception desk for availability and further information.


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