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Garda Thermae has selected the technology BLUSHAPE, "an elite mark". Designed and produced entirely in Italy, exceeds safe levels of current standards, ensuring complete comfort for operators and customers.

DERMOTRONIX -for skin analysis

Measure of objective parameters, such as moisture, pH, sebum and local temperature, allows to know the characteristics and conditions of the skin: this is the right starting point for choosing the most appropriate corrective treatment.

BEAUTYSONIX -Treatment for ultrasonic cavitation of fat located

An innovative system of ultrasonic generation of cavitation, which modulates at high frequency the classical cavitated generation, preventing, by the way, any side effects often found with other equipment; it is well respected, in an absolute manner, the safety regulations for this kind of devices  in complete safety of operator and customer.

RFTEC -facial and body radiofrequency

Stimulates the production of collagen and its organization in the skin tissues, thus giving clear results in the treatment of imperfections, such as wrinkles, hypotonia and poor vascularization of tissues.

TERMOKINETIC -thermal energy to treat imperfections caused by cellulite

This machine can heat (thermogenesis) and cool (criogenesis) deep tissues to be treated; the strict alternation of thermogenesis and criogenesis induces vascular gym, that allows the reduction of swelling and water retention, toning and oxygenating the tissues.

SYNTRONIX -for the transport of active ingredients

Is an excellent tool, that combines the three traditional delivery systems, allowing an unparalleled deep penetration of active ingredients.


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