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A qualified team is waiting for you for a personal consultation and to suggest specific programs suitable to your tastes, in the time you have available.
We offer classic and traditional beauty treatments, you can experience those hi-tech products for the face and body, abandon yourself to the emotions of a rejuvenating massage, give yourself the pampering of peeling and windings.

And with the Private Spa, you can discover the fascinating world of Argillarium! A Roman bath and a steam bath with a spacious relaxation room equipped with chaises longues and aromatic teas.
A different way to spend a few hours of well-being or to celebrate important occasions, couple or with friends, hen nights, stag, birthday, graduation ...

Our goal is customer satisfaction, we believe in values such as transparency, trust and consistency.
The products we use are paraben-free and / or preservatives, no chemicals used. In addition, the effectiveness of the equipment we use is certified by physics and medicine.
We stand out even in the use of the autoclave for the sterilization of instruments that are prepared for your treatment

Facial and body treatments

Place yourself in safe hands of our beauticians, who have years of experience in personal care and great sensitivity to your needs. The choice of services is designed, according to the major blemishes on the face and body, giving more attention to the effectiveness of the treatments rather than to the influence of fashion; even in spa treatments, while enhancing the emotional involvement, is not lost the sight of the functionality of the treatments.

Latest technology are offered in conjunction with the dexterity of our beauticians and application of cosmetic products. We are at your disposal to draw up customized programs, suited to achieving your goals.

Upon request romantic proposals for couples to make special any other occasion.


Garda Thermae has selected the technology BLUSHAPE, "an elite mark". Designed and produced entirely in Italy, exceeds safe levels of current standards, ensuring complete comfort for operators and customers.

DERMOTRONIX -for skin analysis

Measure of objective parameters, such as moisture, pH, sebum and local temperature, allows to know the characteristics and conditions of the skin: this is the right starting point for choosing the most appropriate corrective treatment.

BEAUTYSONIX -Treatment for ultrasonic cavitation of fat located

An innovative system of ultrasonic generation of cavitation, which modulates at high frequency the classical cavitated generation, preventing, by the way, any side effects often found with other equipment; it is well respected, in an absolute manner, the safety regulations for this kind of devices  in complete safety of operator and customer.

RFTEC -facial and body radiofrequency

Stimulates the production of collagen and its organization in the skin tissues, thus giving clear results in the treatment of imperfections, such as wrinkles, hypotonia and poor vascularization of tissues.

TERMOKINETIC -thermal energy to treat imperfections caused by cellulite

This machine can heat (thermogenesis) and cool (criogenesis) deep tissues to be treated; the strict alternation of thermogenesis and criogenesis induces vascular gym, that allows the reduction of swelling and water retention, toning and oxygenating the tissues.

SYNTRONIX -for the transport of active ingredients

Is an excellent tool, that combines the three traditional delivery systems, allowing an unparalleled deep penetration of active ingredients.

Products with our Thermal Water

Our thermal spring water cosmetics

Life arose from water and through the water we want to protect life, nourish, moisturize and regenarate the body skin using our Garda Thermae cosmetics.
The cosmetics boast eudermic features thanks to the thermal spring water and to the natural extracts of mallow and wild-rose. It is suitable for any type of skin.
The most advanced technology has been used for Garda Thermae cosmetics realization, they are paraben/petroleum derivates/chemical perfume free.

It is made using mallow and wild-rose, specifically suitable for moisturizing and soothing the skin.
It gives a softness sensation and helps to reduce cutaneous dryness. It has a delicate and rich texture made with lotus flower. It gives a pleasant sensation and it is a perfumed skin softener.
The Linfano water makes this natural composition a unique product, it has a soothing and rebalancing action; it is suitable for dermatitis and psoriasis treatment.

Foaming cleaner made with proteins, mallow, wild-rose and sweet almond oil. It is suitable for delicate skin and hair. It respects the physiological skin Ph, restores the hydrolipidic skin film and it gets applied on your skin as soft as silk.
The bio-compatible composition and the natural fragrance give to your skin a pleasant and long-lasting sensation.

The thermal spring water has excellent properties. It is decongestant and antibacterial, it performs a re-epithelialization during cell turnover.
A facial application helps to attenuate impurities and discromy of the skin.
The integration of mallow extract facilitates the claming and soothing effect, it is also suitable for delicate kids skin.



DIBI MILAN project offers a complete beauty, targeted and selected according to the profile, characteristics and lifestyle of the customer, thanks to the technology of MDB Analyzer: a new way to fight blemishes.

Garda Thermae Blushape also uses technology to solve the specific problems of the face and body in strict compliance with the Italian legislation in terms of safety.

Depending on the type of skin will be evaluated using the classical metologia or Hi-Tech to optimize individual results.


The best solution suggested in products and treatments with a consultation of a few minutes.

The analysis of the critical points is a step of fundamental importance and can be carried out in a manual or technological, with the exclusive-ANALYZER MDB!

A device that combines two technologies-source medical ultrasound and impedance meter - and allows to obtain a complete and reliable information about the type and quality of imperfections.


Base Perfection

The cosmetic treatment that reactivates the skin structures, exfoliates functionally the skin to make it more receptive and vital.

Pure Perfection

To counter the problems of oily and impure skin.

Moisturizing and nourishing, to ensure the optimum equilibrium levels of hydration and nourishment of the skin at every level in the different climatic conditions *.
The skin and 'rich in water, the complexion and' shining, his face take on new life.
* Test conducted on clinical-instrumental Ultimate Hydration Gel Cream and Ultimate Hydration.

Age Perfection
Minimizes wrinkles, gives shine and brightness. Reduces spots and evens out the complexion. Corrects any imperfections typical of a mature skin.

Lift Perfection
The first solution of advanced facelift that repositions the volumes of the oval. A cosmetic line that thanks to Receptor Cosmetics arrives in the heart of the cell and directed the imperfection.

Fill Perfection
A professional treatment with extraordinary anti-aging filler that provides a rapid and effective intervention, with extraordinary results.


Base Perfection
A cosmetic treatment that reactivates the skin structures, exfoliates and functional in a different way to make the skin more receptive and vital.

Shape Perfection
A cosmetic treatment that performs an intensive and rapid sull'adiposità diffuse and localized to help reduce the volumes of the silhouette.

Tonic Perfection
A cosmetic treatment that helps to keep your skin toned, firm and elastic as combat sagging skin.

Meso Perfection

Comprehensive treatment to get rid of cellulite, for effective action, targeted and visible.

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